We are proud of launching our drug discovery building block and compound library to the market.

Our Japanese collaborator has established reliable relationship mainly with major Japanese pharmaceutical companies for decades before shifting our business portfolio to the global market.


High druggability and frequently updated syntherisable building block designed by top medicinal chemists in drug discovery field.

​ Key Features  

  • Over 95% of the BB compounds are unique and only available (from major chemical databases, e.g. SciFinder)

  • No virtual compounds in the catalogue. Only synthesizable and storable compounds are selected and selected by our experienced medicinal chemists.

  • More than 5,000 compounds are available in stock.

  • Super high purity, over 98% purity for 90% of our products, minimum specification is 95%.

  • Attractive and unique structure with reasonable pricing.

  • Updates over 20 new compounds every month.

  • Available in global market channels from selected distributors.

 Key unique product series 

  • Oxetane series : helping water solubility and ADME stability, etc.

  • Spiro series : helping ADME stability with rigid template, etc.

  • Carbonyl acid & amines

  • Fran-Pyran series

  • Sulfonyl Series

  • Fluorine series (above)


1,000 diverse compound library in 96 well plate format are in stock and available.     

This diverse set was created from 9 million compounds from Kishida virtual library with keeping the distribution and diversity. 

 Key Features 

  • 1,000 compounds in stock, representing 9 million from Kishida virtual library

  • High pure compounds over 90 % in specification

  • SD and DB files are available both for actual and virtual library

  • “Cherry-pick” is also available from one compound

  • Competitive pricing


  • Product name: Kishida Library Diverse Set-A (Compounds and database)

  • Number of compounds: >1000 compounds

  • Standard volume: 1mg

  • Compound form: Solid (contains oily form)

  • Purity: > 90 %

  • Packaging: 96 well plate format, containing 80 compounds

  • Storage condition: Cool and dark place

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